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5th International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management

September 23–25, 2013 | Cork, Republic of Ireland

Technical Sessions

Monday, 23 September, 15:30-18:00 (including a coffee break)

Session 1 - TCP, Multi-path, Coding and Content-Centric Networking

Chair: Kostas Pentikousis, Huawei

"Trade-off between cost and goodput in wireless: Replacing transmitters with coding" by MinJi Kim, Thierry Klein, Emina Soljanin, João Barros, Muriel Médard

"Multipath Algorithms and Strategies to Improve TCP Performance over Wireless Mesh Networks" by David Gómez, Carlos Rabadán, Pablo Garrido, Ramón Agüero

"Adaptation and Evaluation of Widely Used TCP Flavours in CCN" by Asanga Udugama, Jinglu Cai, Carmelita Goerg

"Multipath Transmission in Content Centric Networking using a Probabilistic Ant-Routing Mechanisms" by Jonas Eymann, Andreas Timm-Giel

Tuesday, 24 September, 11:00-13:00

Session 2 - Mobile networks

Chair: Ramon Aguero, University of Cantabria

"Learning Based Proactive Handovers in Heterogeneous Networks" by Niwas Maskey, Seppo Horsmanheimo, Heli Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen, Lotta Tuomimaki, Pekka Savolainen

"Enhancing Path Selection in Multihomed Nodes" by Bruno Sousa, Kostas Pentikousis, Marilia Curado

"Correlation-Based Cell Degradation Detection for Operational Fault Detection in Cellular Wireless Base-Stations" by Muhammad Zeeshan Asghar, Richard Fehlmann, Tapani Ristaniemi

"Cloudifying Mobile Network Management: Performance Tests of Event Distribution and Rule Processing" by Sumit Dawar, Sven van der Meer, John Kennedy, Enda Fallon, Tom Bennet

Tuesday, 24 September, 14:30-18:00 (including a coffee break)

Session 3 - Wireless Sensor and Vehicular Networks

Chair: Dirk Pesch, Cork Institute of Technology

"A distributed control plane for the Internet of Things based on a Distributed Hash Table" by Jaime Jiménez Bolonio, Manuel Urueña, Gonzalo Camarillo

"Route-Over Forwarding Techniques in a 6LoWPAN" by Andreas Weigel, Martin Ringwelski, Volker Turau, Andreas Timm-Giel

"An Adaptive Algorithm to Optimize the Dynamics of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks" by J Hurtado-López, Eduardo Casilari

"A Novel Machine-to-Machine Traffic Multiplexing in LTE-A System using Wireless In-band Relaying" by Safdar Nawaz Khan Marwat, Yasir Zaki, Jay Chen, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Goerg

"Service and Communication Management in Cooperative Vehicular Networks" by Olivia Brickley, Dirk Pesch

Wednesday, 25 September, 11:00-13:00

Session 4 - Wireless Communications, Traffic

Chair: Andreas Timm-Giel, Hamburg University of Technology

"Investigation of Different Approaches for QoE-Oriented Scheduling in OFDMA Networks" by Florian Wamser, Sebastian Deschner, Thomas Zinner, Phuoc Tran-Gia

"Model-free Adaptive Rate Selection in Cognitive Radio Links" by Alvaro González Ayuso, Jesús Perez-Arriaga

"Enhancing Quality of Experience (QoE) Assessment Models for Web Traffic" by Amanpreet Singh, Ahmed Mahmoud, Andreas Koensgen, Xi Li, Carmelita Goerg, Mehmet Kus, Muhsin Kayralci, Jasmin Grigutsch

"Network Planning for Stochastic Traffic Demands" by Phuong Nga, Andreas Timm-Giel

Wednesday, 25 September, 14:00-15:30

Session 5 - Future Research Directions

Chairs: Anna Förster, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland and Bernd-Ludwig Wenning, Cork Institute of Technology

"Information Model for managing Autonomic Functions in Future Networks" by Makis Stamatelatos, Imen Grida Ben Yahia, Pierre Peloso, Beatriz Fuentes, Kostas Tsagkaris, Alex Kaloxylos

"DICE: A Novel Platform to Support Massively Distributed Clouds" by Anna Forster, Koojana Kuladinithi, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Goerg, Silvia Giordano

"Software Enabled Future Internet – Challenges in Orchestrating the Future Internet" by Alex Galis, Javier Rubio-Loyola, Stuart Clayman, Lefteris Mamatas, Sławomir Kukliński, Joan Serrat, Theodore Zahariadis

"Enabling Cloud Connectivity Using SDN and NFV Technologies" by Fariborz Derakhshan, Heidrun Grob-Lipski, Horst Rössler, Peter Schefczik, Michael Soellner