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5th International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management

September 23–25, 2013 | Cork, Republic of Ireland

European Alliance for Innovation

As a member of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), ICST provides the society tools and framework to support EAIs community to achieve its mission to foster innovation in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector at all levels of the innovation cycle.

EAI is a Belgium registered, Non Profit Organization, launched in June 2010, based in Trento, Italy. It is both a virtual and physical environment for the fostering and development of Innovation, that identifies and links the stakeholders and stages relating to the innovation value chain through the ‘Innovation Cycle’.

EAI's mission is to drive innovation in emerging information and communication technology (ICT) enabled areas by:

  • providing an harmonized framework for agents to contribute, communicate and cooperate;
  • acting against fragmentation affecting innovation agents;
  • fostering innovation services sharing among different and peer entities;
  • impacting the policy making agendas through a bottom up approach;
  • creating business synergies;
  • maximizing inputs through targeted dissemination tools.

The Strategic Forum is the main advocacy body of EAI. It provides the Alliance guidelines on European strategy, goals and policies and represents the EAI Community movement. The Forum is made up of institutions, universities, public bodies, private institutions, research centres and societies that share the same belief in the importance of promoting Innovation in all its different forms.

The EAI Community consists of and represents individual members and participants to EAI. They are organised in thematic interest groups termed Science, Innovation and Business (SIB) Councils, which form the interaction and cooperation platforms of EAI.

Current SIBs Include:

  • Communications Infrastructure (SIB-CO)
  • Computing (SIB-COMP)
  • Future Internet Technologies (SIB-FIT)
  • SIB for Development (SIB-ICT4G)
  • Green World (SIB-GW)
  • Security and Safety (SIB-SS)
  • Wellbeing (SIB-WB)

To read more about the European Alliance for Innovation and EAI society updates, or to join as member, please visit the European Alliance for Innovation website (