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4th International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management

September 23–26, 2012 | Hamburg, Germany

Tuesday, 25 September, 16:30 – 18:00

MonAmi New Ideas in Computing (MANIC)

The MonAmi New Ideas in Computing (MANIC) is a focused, community-involved design workshop aimed at integrating the interests of researchers from different, yet complementary, disciplines in fields such as network management, mobile computing, AI, intelligent agents, and other fields to discuss evolutionary and revolutionary approaches to managing IP-centered services and resources in mobile and virtualized environments. The workshop will focus on high-impact ideas in improving the manageability of components and systems, and will concentrate on realizing autonomic (i.e., self-configuring, -healing, etc.) behavior.

The workshop is organized under the general theme of autonomic computing as applied to MONAMI. Our main goal is to develop community-wide interest in network and service management and architectures to support the goals of MONAMI. Therefore, instead of running a "traditional" workshop based on evaluated papers, we would instead like to solicit interested researchers to contribute high-quality abstracts on one of the themes below (or a related theme of your choosing) of 1-2 pages. The abstract should summarize the problem(s) being addressed, the novelty and benefits of your solution, and any ideas and progress that you have made so far. Note that the idea can range in depth from a "blue sky" idea that you have always had, but have not had time to develop, to a Ph.D. proposal, to an existing work that is in progress and is being developed - in short, the work can be in any stage of development, as long as it is interesting and applicable.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Architectural and Management Issues

  • Architectures: SOA (is it dead yet?) vs. ROA vs OOA vs other approaches
  • Architectural building blocks (with special focus on knowledge and behavior)
  • Security of mobile networks
  • Security, Trust, and Reputation
  • Separation of data, control, and management planes
  • Do we need other planes (e.g., the "knowledge" or "inference" planes?
  • Management of new virtualization architectures
  • Dynamic composition of management functionality
  • Management of software defined radio and cognitive networks
  • Virtualization management, and management of virtual resources
  • Uncertainty, probabilistic, and fuzzy logic management approaches
  • Interaction of smart objects and smart spaces with mobile networks

Knowledge Engineering

  • The role of information and data modeling, ontologies, cognition, and reasoning
  • Knowledge modeling and management
  • Distributing knowledge to enable distributing tasks and workloads
  • Organization of management data to facilitate data analytics and visualization
  • Testing and Validation of Autonomic Systems
  • Testing and validating self-managing systems
  • Metrics for evaluating self-managing systems
  • Benchmarks for self-managing systems

Economic Issues

  • Economic aspects driving the deployment of Future Internet managementtechnology
  • Economic opportunities and challenges for management technology