Welcome to MONAMI 2011!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Third ICST Conference on Mobile Networks and Management (MONAMI 2011) held in Aveiro, Portugal on 21-23 September 2011. The conference offers the opportunity to leading researchers, industry professionals and academics to meet and discuss the latest advances on mobility management, multiaccess and resource management, and network management. Emphasis is put on results related to technologies for true plug-and-play networking, which significantly increase the use of past infrastructure investments and forge the path to future internet solutions. The aim of the forum is to disseminate the latest innovative mobile network solutions for increased competition and cooperation in an environment with a multitude of access technologies, network operators and business actors. We expect that this third edition will again realize the MONAMI vision of an engaging environment where academia and industry can meet to discuss novel ideas on the future of mobile networks.

The city of Aveiro will provide the right backdrop where the attendees will breathe telecommunications at every step. Aveiro is in the centre of a major region where the sun, the sea and the river please the visitors' sight. It is no wonder that the ria and salinas have been the traditional visiting card of the town of Aveiro. Originally, the local economy was primarily based on sea-related industries. Today, the area is the center of a range of thriving high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, biochemical, ceramics, and the environment. MONAMI attendees will get a first-hand experience of the Aveiro Telecommunications environment through an organized visit at the Portugal Telecom Inovação Labs, which will host the MONAMI welcome cocktail. Moreover, this year's social event will take place at the Aliança Underground Museum, where the special multi-disciplinary character of the region is displayed at its best.

Due to its strong ties with telecommunications and IT industries, Aveiro was the first Portuguese "Digital City", a concept relying on the usage of information and communication technologies for the creation of a paperless society with active citizen involvement. Instituto de Telecomunica¸ões, which will host MONAMI 2011, is a non-profit joint-venture between academia and telecommunication industrials, located in the campus of the University of Aveiro, and the perfect example of Aveiro's innovation atmosphere.

That said, we trust that you will find more in Aveiro than work. We recommend trying local cuisine which is famous for its seafood dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, try the ovos moles, a distinctive delicatessen made by sweetened eggs. This unique sweet in Portugal is now recognized as a typical EU product, along with its typical decorated wooden package, the barrica.

We close this short welcome note by acknowledging the enormous effort by all people involved in organizing MONAMI. The team that put together this year's event is large and required the sincere commitment of many folks. Although too many to recognize by name here, their effort should be highlighted. We particularly thank Richard Heffernan for his active, can-do management of all conference matters on behalf of EAI, and Prof. Imrich Chlamtac of CREATE-NET for his continuous support of the conference. Finally we gratefully acknowledge the institutions that have sponsored this event, and have helped to make MONAMI 2011 a reality: ICST, the European Alliance for Innovation, Universidade de Aveiro, Instituto de Telecomunicações and PT Inovação!

We look forward to seeing you in Aveiro!

On behalf of the executive committee,

Kostas Pentikousis, Huawei Technologies, Germany

Rui L. Aguiar Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal