Welcome Cocktail at PT Inovação

On the first day of the conference (Wednesday, 21 September 2011), PT Inovação will host a guided tour to some of the major Departments and to the Networks Operator Center. Following this organized visit, PT Inovação will kindly invite all MONAMI attendees to this year's Welcome Cocktail.

PT Inovação SA is a technological and engineering services company that is focused on the development of innovative and competitive services and solutions for the international telecommunications market. With a history of more of sixty years pointed by important mark stones on the telecommunications market, namely the launch of the first pre-paid service on a mobile network, PT Inovação is established in Portugal and has commercial and technical representative offices in Angola, Brazil, Morocco, Mozambique, Spain and South Africa. PT Inovação gathers knowledge and generates value for customers by being the leader in the knowledge areas that are strategic for the technological development of network operators and service enabler business.

PT Inovação