About Aveiro and Portugal

Aveiro is in the centre of a major region where the sun, the sea and the river meet. The "ria" and "salinas" are the traditional visit card of the town of Aveiro. Originally centred on sea-related industries, the area is now live with excitement with traditional boat racing, watersports, cosmopolitan beaches, and other sports activities, both in-door and out-door.

Aveiro went through major rebuilding on the last quarter century, but yet has managed to sustain the design of its typical "Ars Nova" houses. Its centre of congress is such an example. The building, originally a 18th century ceramics mill, has been completely restored, and now is a centre of cultural and entertaining activities in Aveiro, hosting plays, concerts and fashion shows.

The region is well known by their famous "ovos moles", a delicatess made by sweetned eggs. This unique sweet in Portugal is now recognized a typical product inside EU, with its typical decorated wood package, the "barrica". The region is also known by its cuisine, with remarkable dishes. Aveiro is a city where now travellers will enjoy themselves, from trips with the BUGA - free bicycles for public use - to its "procissoes" and festivities.

The region has gone through enormous developments in the last years, and now is the centre of one of the most prestigious portuguese universities, and of many high-tech industries, connected with telecommunications, biochemistry, ceramics, and the environment. The Instituto de Telecomunicações, a non-profit joint-venture between academia and telecommunication industries, has one of its poles in the campus of the University. Due to its strong ties with telecommunciations and ICT industries, Aveiro was the first portuguese "Digital City", a concept relaying on the usage of information technology for the creation of a paperless society with society involvement.

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Practical Information

Aveiro is mostly known for its windy climate. In September, the temperature is between 20°C and 25°C.

The Portugal currency is the Euro. In addition, regular credit cards are usually accepted everywhere, although this is not the case in the public transportation system and some taxis.

The electricity supply in Portugal is 220 volts AC 50 HZ. Plugs have 2-pins.

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