About Santander and Spain

The moderate climate of Santander is what many people would consider to be perfect when it comes to overall temperatures. The summers in Santander are sunny and warm, without being overly hot and humid, and the winter months remain mild and relatively free of frosty weather.

However, it is fair to say that Santander is also known for its rather rainy climate, and this can often quite literally put a dampener on sightseeing plans. In September, the temperature is between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius, and it is usually a good period weather-wise.

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Spain currency is the Euro. In addition, regular credit cards are usually accepted everywhere, although this is not the case in the public transportation system and in some taxis.

The electricity supply in Spain is 220 volts AC 50 HZ. Most plugs have 2-pins.

Spain belongs to the Schengen area. There are special VISA requirements for some countries. Follow this LINK for more information.

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